“Black Lives Matter” @ Universal Creighton

In celebration of Black History Month, the scholars of Universal Creighton will perform a musical titled, “Black Lives Matter” to cap off the historical month. The students of Universal Creighton will perform several musical and dance performances highlighting the lives of Black Americans and the rich tradition Blacks have played in the fabric of American History. There will be three performances @ 8:45 am grades k – 2, 9:45 am grades 3 – 5 and 2:30 pm grades 6 – 8.

The mission at Universal Creighton Charter School is to provide the community of learners with an environment, in which they can feel safe and secure while they define, explore and expand their potential, both academically and socially. The goal is to teach and model skills that enable students to work cooperatively with others while respecting the diverse culture in which they reside, and to develop the social and behavioral skills that will help them to become responsible citizens in society.

Universal Creighton was recently honored for receiving top honors for its peer group by the School District of Philadelphia for achieving academic success in the School Progress Report k-8 public and charter schools.

WHO: Universal Creighton Charter School

WHAT: Black History Month Celebration – “Black Lives Matter”

WHERE: 5401 Tabor Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19120

WHEN: February 28, 2017 @ 8:45 am & 9:45 am & 2:30 pm

Posted: February 27th, 2017