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School Leadership
Principal: Sheila Mallory

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About Universal Alcorn Middle Years Academy

Our mission is to provide our scholars with a safe environment that promotes respect and motivates students to learn and to act responsibly. Our primary goal is to educate, empower and enable all scholars to become caring, contributing citizens who can succeed in our ever-changing world. We are committed to focusing on high student achievement, individual academic success, to each scholar for the rigor of high school, college and career readiness. We believe education is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school and community.

Connecting Parents and Schools to Increase Achievement

We encourage you to participate in one of the many opportunities such as the Home and School Association, School Advisory Councils (SAC) and/or volunteer as a teacher assistant/aide, food pantry worker, or just read to our preschoolers.

For more information, contact the Universal Alcorn Middle Years Academy at 215-952-8595 or send us an email.