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Universal Bluford Staff

Message From the Principal

Dear Bluford Families:

I am delighted to be a part of the Bluford School community for the third year. One of my goals
for UBCS is to create strong connections between the home and school and where all staff
members are committed to developing the whole child. In addition to building strong
relationships, it is particularly important to me to make sure your child and you feel safe at
school. We believe in fair and consistent student discipline that first teaches our scholars how
to behave but also holds them accountable for their misbehavior. I value both of these
characteristics and am excited to move Bluford along the path of excellence.

One of the most important aspects of my work as Bluford’s Principal is making academic gains
through teaching and learning. We safeguard instructional time and use research and data to
improve our teaching practices as well as implement effective strategies to instruct diverse
learners. Most of my time is spent supporting teachers and promoting scholar growth.

I have been a champion for children for over 19 years and I feel very lucky to be the Principal of
Universal Bluford Charter School. Thank you for entrusting your child/ren to me. Here’s to
another successful school year.

Principal Gary-Nelson

Staff Member Email Address Subject Grade
Adamson-White, Debontina Math 6th
Beyah, Aminah Technology All Grades
Biehl, Michelle R. Social Studies/Science 4th
Carroll, Angel ELA 3rd
Carvell, Jeni Nicole Art All Grades
Coleman, Crystal M. All 1st
Collier, Ira J. Learning Support K & 1st
Condron, Diana All Subjects 1st
Cucinotta, Lori A. All Subjects 2nd
Curtin, Christina All Subjects 1st
Deluca, Tony Physical Education All Grades
Dillon, Nicole All Subjects 2nd
Drayton, Jestine Assistant Principal All Grades
Elko, Carol A. All Subjects K
Fries, Melanie All Subjects K
Gary-Nelson, Crystal Principal All Grades
Green, Erika C Social Studies/Science 3rd
Gully-Foy, Calische All Subjects 2nd
Healy, Kellsey Learning Support 2nd & 3rd
Johnson, Krystle Dean of Families All Grades
Killings, Ana A Special Education Liason All Grades
Maillie, Julie Autistic Support 3rd-6th
Mims, Franklin Social Studies/Science 6th
Mole, Alicia All Subjects K
Morris, Steven Hideo Music All Grades
Neal, Derrick Math 4th
Nelson, Antonia V. Math 5th
Nichols, Andrew M Learning 5th & 6th
Parker, Lisa ELA 5th
Robinson, Stephanie Math 3rd
Romero, Alberto Jose Literacy Workshop All Grades
Rooney, Horace Assistant Principal All Grades
Rosko , Alexis Literacy 6th Grade
Savage, Christina Counselor All Grades
Shannon, Shaneka Social Studies/Science 5th
Shelmet, Lauren ELL All Grades
Williams, Kahlil Dean of Students All Grades