Universal Daroff Staff

Message from the Principal

I love teaching and learning and the opportunities that coming to Universal Daroff every day teaches me about how to best serve this community of learners. There are life lessons that we chase back into the classroom from character development sessions, professional development and even organized play. As we are on a mission to help each Universal Daroff scholar reach their fullest potential we are very realistic about the world we live in that challenges and counters every positive seed we plant.

Academics are important, but we believe that learning should be fun and scholars must engage in the learning environment. Through interactive workshops our staff engages with our families to share strategies that will increase the rigor at home. We do believe in Parents as Partners so we make sure that we honor the voices of those who entrust us with their precious children every day. This is not something we take for granted.

I am proud of our traditions that are much older than my tenure here as principal. Shows, displays, sports programs and many events that support the betterment of our community are happening all the time at Universal Daroff. As we continue to improve our academic profile and keep our scholars safe, I am reminded of how honored it is to be of service to this community.

As the new principal of this awesome school I have had the pleasure of meeting many families and look forward to meeting many more. Thank you for allowing me to journey with your scholars and we will make good on the promise of continuing the legacy of being the place where transformation happens!

Aliya Catanch-Bradley
Principal, Universal Daroff

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