Universal Vare & Urban Youth Racing

For the first time in the history of establishing the Urban Youth Racing Build a Dream Program, 40 students from Universal Vare STEM & Arts Academy Charter School were lauded for completing a 10-week course designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics via the magic of motorsports and prepare students for a fast-paced career in the competitive world of professional racing on Friday, March 22, 2024. 

Universal Vare student scholars started the 10-week program on Dec. 11 and two groups of 20 took part in twice-a-week instruction over a five-week period, followed by five weeks of actual racing at the K1 Speed indoor racing track in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. The culmination ceremony was amazing, and the scholars of Universal Vare did an exceptional job participating in the Urban Youth Racing Build a Dream Program. Kudos to the 40 scholars who remained committed over the 10 weeks, Principal Karen Howell-Toomer, the staff of Universal Vare along with the instructors of Urban Youth Racing School & the Founders, Anthony & Michelle Martin for a job well done!

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