Seniors at Universal Audenried Charter in Philadelphia embrace normalcy on first day of class

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — It’s a new experience for incoming freshmen at Universal Audenried Charter School in South Philadelphia.

“The tension is a lot less. It just feels like more people are excited to be back in school,” said Principal Josh Anderson.

Principal Anderson said masks are required for the first 10 days, but optional after, which is a relief to seniors yearning for some sense of normalcy this year.

“I’m actually excited because it’s the start of 12th grade and I’ve got a lot to look forward to,” said senior, Quissan Riley.

The automotive class was off to a great start learning how to adjust the rotors on the first day back to school.

“We change oil, fix tires,” said Riley.

Upstairs, the culinary class was prepping for the day, cleaning tables and restocking the essentials. Brand new appliances were a welcome sight for senior Cayla Hill Bailey, who is hoping to work in a 5-star restaurant after graduation.

“I love working in the kitchen, prepping with my teachers and learning different techniques,” said senior, Cayla Hill Bailey

For many students, the teachers are what makes this back-to-school experience a memorable one.

“They made me feel excited to come to school. I’ve never felt that way before about a school,” said Hill-Bailey.

As the first day of school wrapped up, the district announced that 100 schools would dismiss three hours early on Tuesday and Wednesday due to heat.

Audenried first day

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